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Our structure follows the guidelines of the

Circolare n. 5443 del 22 febbraio 2020 del Ministero della Salute

Where it is specified that the places and areas potentially contaminated by SARS-CoV-2 must be completely cleaned with water and common detergents before being used again. For decontamination, the use of 0.1% sodium hypochlorite after cleaning is recommended. For surfaces that can be damaged by sodium hypochlorite, use 70% ethanol after cleaning with a neutral detergent.

Bed linen, curtains and other fabric materials must be washed with hot water at 90 ° C and detergent. If washing at 90 ° C is not possible due to the characteristics of the fabric, add the washing cycle with bleach or sodium hypochlorite based products).

In addition, all rooms will be treated with ozonator and duly ventilated before your arrival.

Who we are

Casa Anastasia is an apartment suitable for visiting not only the city of Genoa but also the Ligurian Riviera with its infinite beauty.

The apartment offers every kind of comfort for weekends or long periods both for couples and for families or groups of friends who want to choose Genoa for a holiday between history, nature and sport.

As owners we strive to make our guests live the best that the region offers: Museums, Sea, Mountain, Trekking, Cycling, Canoeing, Nature Excursions, History, Gastronomy ... depending on your needs we will try to advise you always for the best.



Liguria with its unique territory crushed between sea and mountains, provides the ideal terrain for all different disciplines of Cycling

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Aquarium of Genoa

The Acquario di Genova is the largest Italian aquarium, first in Europe for animal species, second in Europe for surface area, after that of Valencia, in Spain and the ninth in the world. It is located in Ponte Spinola, in the sixteenth-century ancient port of Genoa.

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Historical Centre

The historical centre of Genoa is the nucleus of the old city organized in the maze of alleys (caruggi) of medieval origin, it is considered the largest ancient historical centre in Europe.

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The coast with its roads overlooking the sea and inland with its ups and downs and a thousand valleys are the unique backdrop for a breathtaking experience on two wheels. Let us recommend the best steps or hidden beaches accessible only by two wheels.

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Castello D'Albertis Museo delle Culture del Mondo

Traveling by sea and land between the 1800s and 1900s, the Captain enclosed his world in his home in a romantic setting straddling "chambers of wonder" and colonial trophies.

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Downstairs from the sea or immersed in the mountains of the Ligurian Apennines, the choice is practically endless

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I Rolli

The Rolli of Genoa or, more precisely, the Rolli of the public accommodation of Genoa were, at the time of the ancient Republic, the lists of the palaces and the excellent residences of the noble families who aspired to host on the basis of a public draw the high personalities in transit for state visits

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The 5 Terre

Since 1997 they have been on Unesco's list of World Heritage Sites, for the following reasons:
"The eastern Ligurian Riviera of the Cinque Terre is a cultural landscape of exceptional value that represents the harmonious interaction established between man and nature to create a landscape of exceptional quality, which shows a traditional way of life and millennium that continues to play a leading socio-economic role in the life of society.

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Euroflora 2018

Euroflora is an exhibition of the flower and ornamental plant. It represents one of the main floralies that take place in the Mediterranean and in the world, and concerns: research to hybridization, cut flower to the foliage, plants in arboriculture pot, gardening and landscaping. It is organised by Fiera di Genova in the Ligurian capital, is recognised by the AIPH - Association Internationale des Producteurs Horticoles and is a member of AIF - Association of International Floralies.

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Between past and future Genoa offers all kinds of shopping possibilities. Two Oultet villanades at 40 min complete the already complete availability

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Parks of Nervi

The parks of Nervi are an important botanical complex in Genoa, made up of a number of parks that once belonged to private villas, including Villa Gropallo, Villa Saluzzo Serra, Villa Grimaldi Fassio and Villa Luxoro, now owned by the Municipality of Genoa and used as museums.

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The Lanterna

Proof of the maritime vocation of this city is its lighthouse, commonly called "la Lanterna" since from the past symbol of Genoa. At 77 meters high, the historic tower stands on the remains of a 40 meters hill so it is located about 177 meters above sea level.

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Villa Durazzo Pallavicini

Unique characteristic of this garden, which extends over 8 hectares of hills, is that it is structured on a theatrical tale with esoteric-Masonic nuances that make the visit a historical-cultural experience, landscape-botanical but also meditative-philosophical. The tour is divided into three acts, each consisting of four scenes characterized by lakes, streams, waterfalls, garden buildings, furnishings, rare plants, visual views and 'scenographic deceptions' able to appropriate the external landscape and expand almost endlessly the boundaries of this "magical" place.

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How to Proceed...

Contact us to book or even just to answer your questions. It will always be our care to try to make you spend as best as possible the time with us knowing the beauty of the city and our land